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Inspiring girls

Cybermentor motivates girls to excel in science and math, while broadening their knowledge of career opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and math. Any girl in Alberta in grades 6 to 12 is welcome to join Cybermentor—there is no fee and no prerequisite. All a girl needs is her parent or guardian’s permission, access to the internet once a week during the school year and a willingness to communicate regularly with an online mentor.

How it works

Why it works

Program benefits

Joining Cybermentor and being matched with a mentor can help your daughter learn about career opportunities, get great advice and motivate her in science and math classes at school. Research has shown that mentors help youth to build self-confidence, have more positive attitudes towards school, improve their social skills and feelings of self-worth, and strengthen their relationships with parents.

Mentors don’t replace a parent, teacher or counselor; rather they act as another positive role model for your daughter. And parents have an important role to play in Cybermentor too. Your encouragement and support will enhance your daughter’s experience: talk to her about how things are going and remind her to check her account for messages regularly. Ask her about her mentor, what parts of her career are interesting and how their relationship is progressing.

Cybermentor offers a number of benefits for your daughter, including:

  • Personalized career advice and planning assistance

  • An opportunity to delve into her interests with the support and encouragement of a knowledgeable guide

  • Development of important skills including communication, career planning and critical thinking

  • Broadened perspectives and increased self-confidence

  • Opportunities to share ideas and brainstorm

  • Building relationships with professionals who can provide reference letters and other support

  • Strengthened relationships with parents

If you have questions please contact the Cybermentor Coordinator at 

Cybermentor is safe

All mentors are thoroughly screened and undergo police records checks prior to being accepted into the Cybermentor program. As an online program, all communication between your daughter and her mentor occurs via a password-protected, secure account. All conversations are recorded as an additional level of safety. No personal contact information is shared. Girls will also have access to a members-only Community Forum once they join the program, and again this Forum is monitored and restricted to participants only.

Personal information collected during your daughter’s registration for the program is never shared, sold or used for any purpose other than supporting her participation in the Cybermentor program. All personal contact information remains confidential and is stored securely. Certain details of your daughter’s account, such as her first name, grade, interests, and personal statement are shared with her individual mentor once she is matched.

In-person meetings are not part of the Cybermentor program, but occasionally an opportunity may arise such as at a special job-shadowing opportunity or science workshop. These meetings must be arranged through the Cybermentor office and parental consent is required. At the end of every season, we have a celebration and invite the girls, their families and volunteers. Your daughter may have the opportunity to meet her mentor at this event, depending on her location – while the girls in Cybermentor live in Alberta, our mentors come from around the world.

Parents/guardians are required to provide their Informed Consent before minors can participate in the Cybermentor program each season. An electronic consent link will be emailed to parents/guardians during the initial registration process, and when girls re-activate their account before a new season. Please do not hesitate to contact the Cybermentor Coordinator should you or your daughter have questions at any time about her participation.