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What type of career is best for me? What does an engineer do? What is university like? How can I have a cool job and a family at the same time?

We all have questions about our future. It’s completely normal to feel both curious and nervous about school, jobs, and your place in the world. Luckily, Cybermentor can help!

Cybermentor is designed for girls in grades 6-12 in Alberta, who like science or math, want to help people, discover new things, or make the world a better place. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Parents – visit our Parent & Safety Info page.

Your Own Mentor

Cybermentor matches girls with their own online mentor – a successful woman with an amazing career in science, technology, engineering or math. A mentor is a supportive friend, an inspiring role model, and a trusted guide. She understands what it’s like to be a girl curious about science or math, and she has great advice to share based on her experiences as well as your own interests.

A mentor is different than a tutor, counselor, or parent. By joining Cybermentor, you will have your own positive role model to chat with throughout the school year. She will share inspiring stories with you, explore fun science sites together, talk to you about new career options you may not have even known existed, help you to make the best choices for your own future, and much more.

What makes Cybermentor unique is that all of your communication with your mentor happens online, in a safe and secure chat environment. You can access your personal account from any computer or mobile device, like an iPad or smartphone, and easily send messages back and forth with your mentor – where and when you want. Plus Cybermentor offers many cool features to support you and your mentor along the way, like badge rewards, personal profiles, mentoring tips and resources, a Community Forum, social media pages, and a live chat option.

Right For You

There are many valuable reasons to participate in Cybermentor, including:

  • individually matched with your own mentor based on your career interests and hobbies

  • easy to participate from any computer, tablet or mobile device

  • connect with a female role model who understands you

  • receive help exploring choices in science, technology, engineering, and math

  • gain new interests, skills and friends

  • reference letters from your mentor

  • invitations to special girls-only science workshops and events

  • and, it’s completely free!

Who Can Join

Cybermentor is free to participants who:

  • are girls in or entering grades 6 – 12 in Alberta

  • can access the internet on any computer or mobile device at least once a week during the school year

  • are willing to write a short message to their mentor each week during the mentoring season (September to June)

Girls can join Cybermentor at any time of the year.

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