What do you call it when the salt says hello to pepper? Seasons greetings!

Happy New Year!!

Did you make a New Years Resolution? Was it, perhaps, to get out there and go for a run? Join a sports team? Go to a yoga class? Exercise more? Good for you!

On your first run/class/practice, you might notice that you get a little sweaty. And if you lick your lips after a workout, you might notice that it tastes a little salty.

When you sweat, you are not just losing water, but also sodium (salt). After a good workout, your body sweats to cool itself down. By sweating, you release sodium which results in an ion deficiency in your body, and this is why athletes drink sports drinks, like Gatorade. Sports drinks help replenish the ions you lose through sweat. Your body needs those ions to be balanced to maintain your cell membranes! 

Salty Fun Fact: Sodium helps regulate water balance in your body. So, if your New Years Resolution is to watch more movies, be sure to bring a bottle of water with you because you'll need it to balance out the salt on the popcorn! 

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