Why Amazon Needs STEM

As some of you may know, the online shopping giant, Amazon, is considering a few major Canadian cities for their new Headquarters, to be known as HQ2. This could bring up to 50,000 jobs to Canadians! These jobs include: CEO’s, software engineers, computer programmers, and many more!


Amazon has cited some criteria for their new headquarters, including:

  1. Areas of at least 1 million people where job growth was strong
  2. Large available skilled labour pool where "more than one in eight workers is in an industry related to tech, science or professional services." 
  3. High quality of life
  4. Traffic and accessible public transit
  5. Room to Grow


The idea of working for a tech giant, such as Amazon is exciting to most millennials. However, the second criterion, availability of a large technical labour pool, has some Ontario businesses concerned. “Ontario has so few available workers with high-technology skills that it would be a "big problem" if Amazon.com Inc. chose the province to host a second headquarters.” Meaning, that Ontario is not graduating enough STEM students to fill the jobs available to them.


Moral of the story? Pursuing a STEM education will set you up for an endless array of exciting and unique job opportunities, and as Microsoft Canada’s Mary-Ellen Anderson states, "These [STEM] careers are a licence to print money." Meaning, you could make a very comfortable living for yourself!


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