Ada Lovelace Day


Happy Ada Lovelace Day, everyone!

Who is Ada Lovelace, you say? Ada Lovelace was born on December 10, 1815 in London, England. Ada shared a love of math and science with her mother, who encouraged Ada’s intuitive mind.

With the mentorship of her mother, and friend Charles Babbage, Ada became one of the world’s first computer programmers. The designs for her invention, the “analytical engine,” had all the basic components of a modern day computer. Sadly, Ada passed away before she had the opportunity to bring her designs to reality. 

Ada Lovelace passed away due to cancer at the young age of 36, but her legacy lives on to this day. Ada Lovelace Day was created to honor the Analyst, Metaphysician, and Founder of Scientific Computing. This internationally celebrated day presents an opportunity to highlight the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Celebrate Ada’s memory by answering some of these math brainteasers!